山梨県ブロガー、勇のブログ 『富士山より先に噴火したいっ!!』

Brand KENBLOOD of accessories of silver recruits for the sales agent.  個人ブロガー勇がムービーを撮影して動画作ったりクチコミ体験して感想を綴るブログ。

Brand KENBLOOD of accessories of silver recruits for the sales agent.

KENBLOOD that is the brand of the silver accessories cradled in Yamanashi Prefecture Kofu City that is the town of the jewel of the top of Japan recruits the sales agent to countries all over the world one by one.

KENBLOOD qui est la marque des accessoires de l'argent a tenu delicatement dans Yamanashi Prefecture Kofu City qui est la ville du bijou du sommet de Japon recrute dans le monde entier l'agent des ventes aux pays un par un. 

O agente da quantia de vendas para o pais de KENBLOOD que e o rastro de acessorios prateados embrulhado em Kofu, Yamanashi Cidade que e a cidade da joia do topo da face nova japonesa de todas as coisas mundiais. 


KENBLOOD que es la marca de los accesorios colores de plata acunó en Yamanashi Prefecture Kofu City que es el pueblo de la joya de la cima de Japón recluta al agente de las ventas uno por uno a los países por el mundo.


The YouTube animation is seen from the cellular phone.

Yamanashi,the"holy land of jewelry",lies in averdant area abundant with water and fruit and surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains in Japan - Mt Fuji,the Southern Alps and Yatsugatake.There are more than one thousand businesses there engaged in the development of jewelry,including those in the gem polishing industry,the precious metal processing industry,and the fine arts and engraving industry,along with those involved in the distribution of these products.The prefecture's total jewelry shipment value accounts for one third of the domestic total,making it the number one shipper of jewelry in the country.These figures indicate that Yamanashi is an area whose jewelry concentration is unprecedented in the world.



Mr.Ken in owner Kofu of KENBLOOD

Mr. Kataoka of French Japanese country embassy Counsellor

KENBLOODケンブラッド代表甲府のken inフランスパリ
I like The Phantom of the Opera of the movie. I felt the profoundness of the history of Western Europe because it saw the opera house. KENBLOOD wants to send Western Europe the Japanese culture through accessories of silver.

KENBLOOD owner who spoke the latest interview in magazine Financial Japan



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